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Why join the ACMSR?
The ACMSR is unique in its broad membership base and focus on all stages of career, recognising the diversity of places medical scientists find themselves working today including clinical, research, education, commercial, retired and unemployed. With the benefits listed below, the ACMSR is an excellent place to start, continue, and never finish a career in the medical sciences.

ACMSR Workshops, Meetings

The ACMSR holds meetings, workshops and conferences for which members receive direct updates, preferential bookings and discounts. The ACMSR works closely with related professional organisations like the AACB, ASM with shared meetings to allow members opportunities to have easier access to a variety of fields in clinical medical science and research through a single membership.


The ACMSR aims to assist recording the efforts its members make to maintain their level of professional knowledge and skills through an Acknowledgement of Continuing Education certification (ACE). This will require an annual audit of evidence provided by all participants. While a record keeping facility will be provided electronically through our website for members, mandatory checks will be required of physical records, attendance lists of courses, and meetings attended where possible.

The ACMS supports the efforts of students and professionals in maintaining their skills and knowledge and wish such efforts to meet with rewards in the future. This may become a mandatory part of accreditation in the future, to ensure higher standards and fairer selection of employees in the future.

Competency Testing

The ACMSR is planning a series of workshops for members designed to maintain skills through educational sessions followed by competency tests to assist those wishing to develop skills in a clinical setting to find or start employment, or to measure proficiency of workers independently. This will become a focus of industry accreditation in the future, but has a very strong need now amongst unemployed graduates with little opportunity to develop or maintain these skills.

Industry Associations, Government Advocacy

The ACMSR seeks to assist with representations of medical scientists, technicians and educators, many of whom have had poor representation in the past. This will be achieved through association with existing professional organisations including unions, through a process of cooperation, as well as providing leadership where the need is seen. The student, education and research scientific community have been largely overlooked in the past and it is hoped the ACMSR can provide them with a home and a voice.

 Attempts have been made in the past to bring the dozen or more clinical science organisations together with limited success. The ACMSR does not wish to repeat this. It is certain however that many of those working in the industry are unaware or simply don’t care. It is hoped a less exclusive more inclusive approach may have more success as promoted by the ACMSR, with membership based not solely on academic nor work experience criteria.

Students, Research, Technicians

It cannot be overstated how poorly students, technicians and researchers have been represented by current and past professional groups, and yet they make a large part of the medical science workforce. The ACMSR uniquely includes a high portion of its members from these groups as a mandatory part of board and committee teams. They have a place they can voice their concerns and dreams with support of all levels of the profession. The ACMSR provides a historic opportunity for them to have a say and organise their own future in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. It’s impossible to ignore the role of students for the future, researchers providing new tests and educators maintaining and communicating the high standards of learning and skills needed keep the science alive.

Publications and Prizes

The ACMSR in its quarterly ACMSR Newsletter will bring together a mix of clinical, research and industry reports to keep members up to date with their profession, events and comment. These will be available to members online. In addition to this will be a biannual ACMSR Journal, to assist students and young professionals with developing skills in editing, publishing and useful advice for setting up studies and research. The Journal will be made available online to improve visibility of young researchers writers, and to develop the standard of work as time progresses. In recognition of members who make outstanding achievements the ACMSR will provide a series of awards for professionals young and old, in recognition of their efforts, with reference to those who have done the same in the past - our Emeritus members.

Emeritus - The National Treasures

The ACMSR values the valuable contribution made by a retired army of professionals who take with them so much knowledge, passion and wisdom. Evenings will be organised to bring these national treasures out into the light and inspire us and remind us what it is that brought us together in the first place. Student members will be given healthy discounts for these events as it is they who need to learn the most and carry the future with them.

Forums, Job Lists, Career Advice

As well as newsletters, journal and meetings, members will have access to members forums, job lists and classifieds. If they do not have anyone to ask for advice and help, they will have somewhere now. As well as this a series of workshops and discussions will be held assisting students and researchers with career advice by industry representatives and educators. The aim is to keep them in the loop and not let them walk off with valuable talent and skills necessary to keep the profession alive and vibrant. The ACMSR works closely with student bodies like the MBBS in Sydney, giving any support they can.  Again ACMSR members will be the focus with early warning of such events, priority bookings and generous discounts – as well as handy contacts with people actually in the business.

Career Base

There are many who are poorly represented by professional organisations due to a lack of qualifications, skills or opportunities. The ACMSR provides a very useful base for keeping up with changes in the profession, keeping contacts and having someone to meet face to face who shares similar interests and challenges. For those not committed to any particular field, or even in a field on their own, the ACMSR provides a very good starting point for the important professional association needed outside the laboratory, university or home. The loss of trained skilled professionals from the workforce through lack of somewhere to go, someone to listen and support is a problem now and for the future. The ACMSR takes this as one of its prime objectives as it can be dissapointing for those who reluctantly leave the field early, and a significant problem for those trying to find committed professionals to continue the work when needed. The ACMSR aims to do better.